Thursday, November 10, 2011

Learn Spanish with IDEL

IDEL's lessons will teach you Spanish through context. Your brain will figure out the grammar rules by itself, just like small kids do when they start to learn the language. Although using a grammar book won't hurt, just as long as you use it as a reference book, not to study it.

All of the IDEL collections are designed so you don’t have to make any effort to acquire the structures and the vocabulary. Just go through every lesson in every collection, this is important!. The vocabulary and structure in each collection will have familiar elements that will enable you to focus on the new concept at hand.

Remember that all lessons have Spanish audio with its transcript, you can download the audio for free along with the text.

We also recommend you wonderful collections from other Providers at Lingq, not just IDEL's, check them out here too. 

Have fun!, that's the goal in language learning and should be the motto in everything you do.


This is your starting point at LingQ. Are you just starting to learn Spanish from scratch? Easy Spanish content for absolute beginners!
Absolute beginner - fast: Once you have studied the slow version, you can move to this natural speech one.

Steve Kaufman (creator of LingQ, on our Absolute Beginner collection): "These are excellent. An easy introduction to the language through listening and reading, without trying to nail anything down. Just slowly starting to absorb the rhythms and structures of the language, and picking up a few words and phrases that will have to be revisited again and again."

2 - FROM NOW ON, YOU CAN TAKE ANY OF THE SPECIFIC COLLECTIONS (see the menu above on the top of this website),